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Welcome to the Omniverse Wikia - a wiki designed around the concept of an Omniverse, our goal is to provide information on the near-infinite number of characters, events and worlds that can be found in fiction of all kinds. With such a large-scale goal it goes without saying that the Omniverse Wikia thrives on contributions from members both old and new in order to make this dream a reality: so go forth and explore infinity.. and beyond..


the Omniverse Wiki is a vast concept, so much so that we will highlight what we wish in terms of articles for this wiki:

  • Characters (we seek to chronicle characters from any media in fiction, with a basic backstory on their personality and world - when possible also include links to allies and enemies or important events : remember, when dealing with popular characters you may need to "trim" their history for sake of "information overload")
  • Unique Items (we seek to chronicle unique weapons, technologies, artifacts and so forth found in fiction - remember that these items must have enough importance to at least warrant a few paragraphs and should be universe-specific)
  • Unique Locations (we seek to chronicle fictional cities, worlds and locations - remember that these locations must have enough importance to at least warrant a few paragraphs and should be universe-specific)
  • Important Concepts (we seek to chronicle things such as cosmology, magic and so forth found in fictional worlds : when writing about such things treat it with the same respect you would an item or location and try to focus on concepts that are largely universe-specific)

Please do NOT make articles about real-world individuals or locations or trivial things that are not necessary to understand a fictional world or concept : also do NOT include fan-fiction on this wiki, we focus on official fiction.

We are currently editing over 100 articles

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