The Omniverse is a term used to describe the concept of a truly infinite number of universes and realities with all possible laws of physics - it is also a popular term used to describe all of fiction and beyond, simply put the Omniverse is everything you can imagine and a good deal that you can't.. as such it is an amazing opportunity for us as a community to expand upon.

The Omniverse consists of every Multiverse and Universe in fiction - as well as all the alternate realities and time-lines that are connected to these worlds, for the sake of simplicity (and sanity) we will only be including canon worlds, characters and events in this wiki (so fan fiction and what not will not be permitted).

This by no means limits the powerful potential of this concept as their are millions of franchises out there and even more are being created every day - ranging from long-lived series to one-shot movies or novels.

According to marvel comics,the omniverse is the collection of every single universe, multiverse, dimension (alternate or pocket) and realm[8]. This includes not only Marvel Comics, but also DC Comics, Image, Dark Horse, Archie, Harvey, and every universe ever mentioned or seen (and an infinite amount never mentioned or seen) including our own world. Everything is in the Omniverse, and there is only one Omniverse." According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes, "It includes every single literary, television show, movie, urban legend, universe, realm, etc. ever. It includes everyone from Popeye to Rocky Balboa to Ronald Reagan to Romeo and Juliet to Luke Skywalker to Snoopy to Jay and Silent Bob, Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, etc."The Omniverse is all of the dimension, reality, fantasy, etc. This includes the real world, the fantasy world,as well as the Marvel Universe, the DC Universe, the Star Wars Universe, the Image Universe, etc.) Omniverse is EVERY reality, including those published by all other companies